How are my cards graded?

Our cards are graded using our unique TFG system. You can check out how we grade and score your cards here. We grade in a clean dust-free environment, taking extreme care and measures to handle your submissions. Our encapsulation process uses ultrasonic welding techniques to secure your card in its slab, providing time-proof protection without the use of heat. Whilst in our possession, your cards are insured against damage, fire and theft to their graded market value.

How do I send my cards in for grading?

Please follow our submission guide below For more information, please head over to the SUBMISSION GUIDE page

How do I contact you?

Facebook messenger is the best way to contact us. Due to high demand we will only notify you when your card has been dispatched, or if there is an issue with your order. Please note that our standard response time at this moment is 72 hours, however we will do our best to reply to your query as soon as possible.

What if I have submitted a card that is not authentic?

As part of the research phase, we will cross reference your submission against your card manifest form. If a card is not authenticated during this phase, we will return your card. Please ensure that submissions are carefully formatted and spelt correctly, if our research team cannot correlate your submission with the card, we will do our best to inform you of these errors before returning them to you. non-authenticated cards will be charged and non-refundable. For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions.

I don’t want my cards featured on TFG’s social media profile?

At TFG we photograph and publicise graded cards on our social media profiles. Please send in any social media handles so that we can tag you in our posts! If you want your graded cards to not be featured on our social media, please send an email to info@treefroggrading.com along with your order reference number.

Which cards do you grade?

We currently grade trading cards from the following sets; POKEMON YU-GI-OH! SPORTS CARDS
FINAL FANTASY We are not currently grading any metal cards from any TCG